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Information & Technology Services

What can Citrine Solutions I.T. do for you?

"A tradesman is as good as his tools"



Without the appropriate computers and network systems working efficiently, you cannot properly perform your day to day operations. To stay ahead in business it is important to keep in touch with the ever evolving technologies that help us perform our everyday tasks.

Let us introduce you to 360 I.T Management

Citrine Solutions I.T is a service provider that takes care of everything I.T in your business, from network setup through to preventative maintenance plans.

In the geometrical sense, 360 is a full circle and covers all aspects all the way round. 360 I.T Management incorporates every aspect of your I.T infrastructure, meaning you only need to make one phone call to get things done!

Our extensive technology market experience will ensure that:

  • Your computers and network systems run efficiently
  • Printers and Fax Hardware are functioning correctly
  • Network down time is reduced
  • PC and Network security is at its best
  • Backup and recovery measures are properly in place
  • You have room for upgrades in case of expansion
  • The correct strategy is in place in case of major hardware failure

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I.T Solutions

Our PC and Network team can help with:

  • I.T Management
  • Computer Desktop support
  • Network design and implementation
  • New office setup
  • Hardware and software integration
  • Remote support
  • Phone support
  • Web Design...

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