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I.T Services


New Office Network Setup

Plan, Design & Implement

new_officePlan, Design & Implement means we set a direction for the future of your systems, tailor the systems to your needs and finally install everything once you are satisfied that your requirements will be met. We don't try to over sell, we just get you what you need now, with the capacity to provide what you may need in future. We have the right tools for the job!. Citrine I.T can help help develop your I.T Systems from the concept stage to a full working office environment, ensuring that we cover your needs and at the same time allow for growth.

Efficiency is the key, with our extensive experience, you can be confident that your computer systems will be there working for you when you need them most.

If you want to understand your I.T systems in plain english then give Citrine Solutions I.T a call today.


Remote and Telephone Support

Telephone Support

Getting the right help from the very start is crucial

phoneThis is our first contact point of our extensive support structure. We know how important getting help the moment you need it can be, so this is why our telephone support is in place for your use.

In most cases we can help solve problems over the phone. We know our way around and we can instruct you with confidence, so helping you is a breeze. 

Remote Desktop Support

For when you need a immediate help

rdeskThere are those moments that you wish you had the "computer wiz" by your side when you don't know how to do something or your printer is not behaving the way it should. Most of these events can be resolved using our Remote Desktop Support. This technology allows us to see your computer screen from our offices over the internet so we can guide you through or take over from you to help resolve these issues.

Call today to find out more!


Planned Visits

The best way to monitor and maintain your computer systems

calendarIt is important to regularly perform certain maintenance tasks on computer and network systems to keep them functioning at optimum efficiency. This is why we have developed our very important Preventative Maintenance Program. Remember, prevention is better than cure so you don't have to wait until your systems crash before you look after them.

Preventative Maintenance allows us to make planned visits to your office and make sure that your hardware and software is performing at peak levels.

We develop a schedule that fits in with you and takes into account the needs of your systems.

Call us today about our Preventative maintenance packages!


Onsite Desktop/Network Support

When experience and speed is of the essence

onsiteOnce we have received your call about a problem, our quick response team will be on the job to get your systems up and running as normal.

Response time is crucial and our experienced technicians will be there to resolve any issue with as little downtime as possible.

No matter what the issue, we have seen it all! No problem is too big or too small.

After all we are only a phone call away.


Scheduled Backups

Your data is one of the most important part of everyday business

backupBackups include, not only having a second copy of your data, but a strategic procedure that will optimise the way you do your backups. Should you suffer a major break down or your premises is damaged (including you computers) these procedures will ensure you know how you recover from it.

Our Data Backup Package will set you up so that you can be confident your business will still operate after almost any of the worst case scenarios. After careful assessment we can schedule regular visits, which can be done at your convenience, so that we backup the data on computers or servers and verify that the backups will work when they are needed.

Find our how you can protect your data with scheduled backups, call Citrine Solutions today!


Computer & Network Hardware

We can provide you with what you need

desktopWe have extensive market experience and know our products very well. Let us help you decide what is best for your requirements.

We understand that it can be a daunting task knowing what products are reliable and the difference between pricing from one product to another. We have the product knowledge so that we can provide the right hardware for you.


DVR Security Systems

Keep an eye on things

dvrWith the right DVR solutions you can keep an eye on every valuable aspect of your business.

We can provide an extensive range of DVR products and solutions to suit your needs. Whether it be DVR Servers, CCTV Cameras, IP Cameras, IR Cameras we can provide you with the whole range. We can handle the entire job from concept to fully working system


Block Hour Packages

Let us be your offsite I.T Department

clockWe have designed a range of block hour packages starting from 10 hours to 100 hours which can be used within a 12 month period. These packages are handy when you need to have an I.T person but your business does not require someone full time for the job.

You may not require any services one week and 5 hours the next week, it's completely up to you how you use these hours. Your Citrine Solutions technician can even sit down with you and work out a plan to help you use the purchased hours more efficiently

The bigger the block hour package, the cheaper your hourly rate becomes. So call us today to find out how we can make our Block Hour Package work for you.


Web Design

When you need that web presense

webdesignFrom business information websites all the way through to your online shop front, Citrine Solutions I.T can can help you through to achieve the best results.

Together with Citrine Solutions Marketing we will ensure that the look and feel of your website suits your needs.

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I.T Solutions

Our PC and Network team can help with:

  • I.T Management
  • Computer Desktop support
  • Network design and implementation
  • New office setup
  • Hardware and software integration
  • Remote support
  • Phone support
  • Web Design...

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