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Planned Visits

The best way to monitor and maintain your computer systems

calendarIt is important to regularly perform certain maintenance tasks on computer and network systems to keep them functioning at optimum efficiency. This is why we have developed our very important Preventative Maintenance Program. Remember, prevention is better than cure so you don't have to wait until your systems crash before you look after them.

Preventative Maintenance allows us to make planned visits to your office and make sure that your hardware and software is performing at peak levels.

We develop a schedule that fits in with you and takes into account the needs of your systems.

Call us today about our Preventative maintenance packages!

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Barnetts Couriers have been computerised for the last 25 years and over that period we have been involved with many I.T companies. Citrine Solutions, even as a relatively new company, has been with us for the last 4 years and as it stands now Citrine Solutions has not only kept up with the "Big Players" in the I.T industry but frequently they are ahead of the field.

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I.T Solutions

Our PC and Network team can help with:

  • I.T Management
  • Computer Desktop support
  • Network design and implementation
  • New office setup
  • Hardware and software integration
  • Remote support
  • Phone support
  • Web Design...

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